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We are family owned & operated, providing professional lawn care throughout the Tulsa area.

Keeping a regularly maintained landscape, whether it be residential or commercial, is important, and this includes tree trimming and shrub pruning. We have the proper equipment and more importantly, the knowledge and experience of those tools to always give you neat trees and shrubs with clean lines. Sometimes your trees have branches, and it is important to remove these branches for the health of your trees. We always perform cleanup after every service so you are left with a clean and neat landscape. We can service you on a case by case basis or we can set up a routine program so you never have to think about it.

We know how to optimize the health of your trees and hedges by trimming them in certain areas to produce better growth. A common misconception is that tree trimming is simply cutting random limbs, but rather it is about properly identifying which branches really need to go. We are professionals and we are able to read your trees and shrubs to know where to cut and why. This trimming will improve the crown of your tree and enhance the look of your trees and shrubs.

Residential and Commercial Small Tree and Hedge Pruning Services Oklahoma

Professional & Affordable Local Landscaper

Landscaper near me

Professional Lawn Mowing

As a locally owned business we focus our efforts on providing our knowledge of landscaping to provide quality and regular lawn mowing to keep your lawn looking great.

Landscaper near me

Getting a Beautiful Lawn

With our professional lawn care services, we give our customers not only beautiful yards, but we help give you your free time back, and trust us you won't miss it.

Landscaper near me

Commitment to Excellence

Simply Lawn Care is committed to provide only excellent lawn maintenance and landscaping services with our simple tailored lawn maintenance to get you a beautiful lawn.

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