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We are family owned & operated, providing professional mulch services throughout the Tulsa area.

Mulch is an important product when it comes to your plant life, it can greatly enhance your plants’ health and longevity. Mulch conserves the moisture in the soil, keeping the soil and plant life healthier. Mulch also prevents soil erosion so the soil’s nutrients are not washed away in the rain. It also protects your plants and beds from being overtaken by ugly, unwanted weeds. Mulch also serves as an insulation to your soil, protecting roots from extreme summer and winter temperatures. It can improve soil biology, aeration, structure, and drainage over time. Mulch makes your beds and your yard look better.

There are many different types of mulch and some are better for certain plants than others, so choosing the right mulch for your plants is very important. We offer an array of mulches so we can cater to your plant’s needs. we will recommend the proper mulch type for your plants as well as what will work best with the weather patterns we see here in Oklahoma.

Residential and Commercial Mulch Installation Services Oklahoma

Professional & Affordable Local Landscaper

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Professional Lawn Mowing

As a locally owned business we focus our efforts on providing our knowledge of landscaping to provide quality and regular lawn mowing to keep your lawn looking great.

Landscaper near me

Getting a Beautiful Lawn

With our professional lawn care services, we give our customers not only beautiful yards, but we help give you your free time back, and trust us you won't miss it.

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Commitment to Excellence

Simply Lawn Care is committed to provide only excellent lawn maintenance and landscaping services with our simple tailored lawn maintenance to get you a beautiful lawn.

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